Integrated Counseling services- covers all aspects of life counseling. We help guide our students on the road to success. Provide them with solutions to different life problems (we even are able to refer certain assistance programs to their parents). It is very hard for a student to really concentrate on trying to better themselves when the home is in disarray. Role Models integrated counseling services that is offered for the students that is also beneficial to the parents as well. The Integrated counseling can assist them with different family or household situations that can result in the student dropping out of high school because of lack of guidance. We provide for them pamphlets and links to all services & assistance that are provided by the state such as food assistance, housing, jobs, transportation.

Role models works to open their minds, by taking them on several day trips to show them life outside of their neighborhoods. We take them places like Art Museum, Aquarium, College Tours throughout NJ, and several other outings.

In this sense we are teaching them Responsibility in every sense of the word and Independence. In layman’s terms we provide a holistic guidance resource counseling program for inner city youth. They can talk to their counselors about personal things (sworn confidentiality) of course that’s what we are there for, and we give them proper guidance and provide them with the tools and all types of solutions.

Education Counseling- guide the upper classmen on their road to applying to colleges, universities, and trade schools. Offer booster program to get them ready for college essay writing as well as college testing such as SAT, PSAT. Provide them with resources such as how to apply for state aid, grants, and scholarships. We also provide tutoring sessions to enhance their skills in math, reading, and writing.