Goals- This workshop is the first workshop we have it is for students to set a list of goals that they plan to accomplish that year in the beginning of the school year. Whether it is to get straight A’s, get into college, may be personal goals etc. and we assist them accomplishing these goals.

Dreams- Getting students to write and really think about their dreams, we work together to write out the steps its going to take to achieve them.

Self Esteem- Designed to show students that they have self worth and the ability to accomplish their goals in life.

Finance- Students will learn real world solutions for money management and investing.

Alternatives- Show students there are other ways to get their points across without violence and miss behavior, they can make money other ways them stealing, drug dealing etc..

Drugs- The horrible things drug use can do to them their family, and to the community.

Core Values- Guiding principles that dictate behavior and action.

Performing Arts- Acting- film/audio, creative writing/ directing, spoken word/ poetry, dance/step, and singing/hip hop

College Season- These workshops will be held throughout the week for seniors and Juniors encouraging them to go to college and all of the benefits that come with it.

Open Floor Discussions- Students write on a piece of paper anonymously about topics they want to bring up and discuss and we choose which ones we will have a workshop on.